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Guided Spirit Conversations With Dr. Marla Goldberrg

Dec 9, 2022

Have you been having a medical condition that cannot be answered? If so, Nancy Orlen Weber might be able to help you find answers.

Nancy is a Nurse, Minister, medical intuitive, animal communicator, holistic lifestyle educator, certified clinical aromatherapist, and psychic detective. She has been featured on multiple Dateline episodes where she has successfully helped the police find many missing people, given information to law enforcement that directly contributed to them stopping a serial killer, and assisted in hundreds of cold cases. Nancy has also been featured on Nancy Grace for her amazing work as a police psychic.

Nancy is also a very talented healer. I am excited to have her on my show because she is one of a kind and excellent in what she does. During the interview, we will discuss her medical intuitive skills plus how she is a psychic detective.

Join us to learn even more about Nancy Orlen Weber.

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