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Guided Spirit Conversations With Dr. Marla Goldberrg

Dec 26, 2019

Marla sits down with psychic medium, Shatira Wilks to get her predictions on what the new year and new decade have in store.

Dec 19, 2019

In this exciting episode of Guided Spirit Conversations, Marla interviews Stuart Jacobson. Stuart is a speaker, author, musician, songwriter and sociologist. He tells us about his study on society, success & charisma. He explains how being successful in society really isn't difficult. He also tells us about his...

Dec 12, 2019

This week Marla welcomes inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Wani Iris Manly. Wani goes into details on how to truly start loving yourself and what it takes to shift your life and start receiving what you really want. She explains what you can do when you feel like giving up or how to experience abundance...

Dec 5, 2019

On this exciting episode of Guided Spirit Conversations, Marla has Patti Negri from the Travel Channel’s show Ghost Adventures. Patti is a psychic-medium and “good witch.” Patti shares some of her many stories from Ghost Adventures including a house she could NEVER clear! She also gives some insight into what...